The 2009 Virginia Culinary Expo

The Virginia Culinary Expo featuring Emeril Lagasse is coming Sunday April 19th to the Ted Constant Convocation Center. Come experience food sampling and sales and cooking demonstrations by Emeril Lagasse and other regional and local chefs. You will also want to come see our special tavern room with wine, beer, and spirits tasting.

The food world has churned on high speed for the last several years. 2009 will see the trend continue and deepen. Americans are getting more intimate with their food. A few forces have been working to bring this about: the explosion of the "foodie" culture on TV, the Internet, and in magazines, celebrity cookbooks, food cook-off competitions, and growing concern over food safety. Independent, underground and designer restaurants pop up everyday. Grocery stores bulge with new and exciting entries like organic foods, on-site gourmet meals, exotic ingredients, wine cellars, beer coolers, and bakery style breads. There’s an abundance of information on food, beverages and entertaining. Emeril has been a major force in the food revolution.

Hampton Roads reflects this trend. Numerous fine-dining establishments can be found throughout the region. We also embrace the food culture at many events and celebrations in the area.

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